Talent Acquisition – Customized and Strategic

Our search and selection methodology relies heavily upon creating (or refining) a position specification, extensive research, leveraging deep personal networks, and qualifying strong candidates during the early stages of the assignment. This is followed by presenting an agreed upon number of candidates approximately four to six weeks into the search process (this time frame depends upon the difficulty of the search assignment). Qualified candidates are presented to designated members of the search committee in the form of a detailed professional profile.

Finalists will continue the interview and  selection process, followed by an appropriate offer made, negotiated and accepted, typically 90 - 120 days from initiation of the engagement. References and background investigation will further validate the successful candidate, and Essex Consulting Group performs these services, with full disclosure and documentation.

Essex Consulting Group is a generalist firm. While industry leadership and recognition of a candidate within the same industry plays heavily in search assignments, experience has shown that real leadership can, and sometimes does, transcend industry specialization in certain situations.

From a functional standpoint, Essex Consulting Group can satisfy the following organizational requirements:

Sales & Marketing Officer
Financial Officer
Human Resources Leader
Information Officer

Representative talent acquisition engagements:

  •     Vice President for the Technology Practice of a global investment bank
  •     Vice President for a top-tier wealth management firm
  •     Chief Technology Officer for an emerging growth internet company
  •     Director for large mutual funds administration company
  •     Chief Financial Officer for rapidly growing $500 million professional services firm
  •     Partner for Consulting Division of global professional services firm
  •     Vice President for Europe, Middle East, and Africa of software company
  •     Top-performing tax and audit professionals for a Boston CPA firm, including partner level  

Transition Coaching

Essex Consulting Group delivers confidential and customized transition coaching for the benefit of executives and individual contributors in transition within the enterprise, with the goal of achieving greater organizational alignment and fit.

An initial review of past performance and assessment instruments will guide the selection and application of additional assessment tools, as appropriate.

Expectations will be defined, as will outcomes.

Coaching may include behavioral modification, knowledge transfer, and learning, or both.

While there is always structure and purpose underlying coaching assignments, these services are customized in deference to the unique characteristics of each coaching situation.

A typical coaching assignment may:

  • Further develop an individual’s sales effectiveness
  • Assist a newly hired executive to assimilate rapidly into a very different and thus challenging corporate culture
  • Guide an executive’s corporate exit strategy and career transition planning (outplacement)
  • Prepare departing employees for the reemployment process and design the structure of a self-marketing plan (outplacement)
  • Support an individual’s scaling-up of responsibilities via promotion


Privacy and Confidentiality

Essex Consulting Group maintains a strict code of confidentiality. Our clients, both corporate and individual, can be confident that the exchange and sharing of sensitive information with Essex Consulting Group will be treated in the most professional manner. Under no circumstances is that confidentiality compromised.