Essex Consulting Group specializes in talent acquisition and transition coaching for the benefit of outstanding professionals possessing:

Leadership  ~  High Intelligence  ~  Above Average Communication Skills

Essex Consulting Group (ECG), a highly focused consulting firm, was established in 1998. ECG provides organizations with these customized corporate services:

The demand for these services arises from organizational change, either planned or spontaneous. These services respond to a conviction that new leadership or modified (coached) behavior will affirmatively and measurably impact both short and long-term goals of the enterprise.

Essex Consulting Group's work is collaborative in design and implementation.

The fees for these services take into consideration cost effectiveness, performance metrics, and a mutually perceived degree of difficulty of each assignment.

Essex Consulting Group is retained by its clients to deliver these consulting services.

Upon being awarded a search or a coaching assignment, Essex Consulting Group will draft and present a consulting agreement clearly expressing its responsibilities and commitments.

There are compelling reasons to retain Essex Consulting Group for talent acquisition or transition coaching assignments, among them:

  • Essex Consulting Group's extensive and verifiable past experience and success, with an unwavering focus on results
  • Essex Consulting Group's capability to respond quickly and knowledgeably to client-driven requirements
  • Its boutique-sized characteristic allows Essex Consulting Group to access prospective candidates in just about all organizations, including client competitors, if appropriate – there are no “off-limits” situations
  • Essex Consulting Group's performance-driven pricing model

Essex Consulting Group's services are ultimately directed at further enhancing the public perception of an organization, and accelerating realization of:

  • critically important and time-sensitive strategies and goals,
  • transformational corporate initiatives, and
  • commercially sound business plans.